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Material & Style Choices

Selecting a window requires a few key decisions. Here we lay out the choices of materials and the choices of style. Scroll down to view pictures of window styles and their explanation.

Variety of Window Materials

Variety of Window Styles

Replacement or New Construction

Antcliff services and sells wood, vinyl, clad and aluminum windows in a variety of models.

aluminum windowsAluminum was the ideal choice for custom construction due to its strength and ease of working with it. Since aluminum conducts temperature differences, it is not an ideal material considering energy consumption.
Vinyl WindowsVinyl is the most popular window material today due to the low-cost and energy efficient properties.
Wood WindowsWood offers energy efficiency and great looks. Maintaining the finish of a wood window requires more work, for that reason the exterior surface is sometimes clad in aluminum or vinyl.
CompositeComposite is durable, low-maintenance matte finish, exceptional value, engineered with innovative, sustainable and unique materials, won’t fade, flake, blister or peel.
double hung windows

A double-hung window provides aesthetic appeal, energy efficiency and low maintenance, all in a modestly priced window. The double hung window allows you to slide down the top sash or slide up the bottom sash to bring in fresh air.


One benefit of a double hung window is the ability to open the top sash by sliding it down a few inches to vent air during a rain.


During hot days, open the top sash and bottom sash when it cools off in the evening and you will create a convection system with hot air venting out the top and cooler air coming in the bottom. Remember to close the windows and blinds when the sun hits the windows on hot days to stay cooler.

Single hung windowsSingle Hung windows require fewer parts, so are more economical. They function just fine for certain applications in a home where you wouldn’t need the two sash system.
casement windowCasement windows are the most security conscious windows since they crank tightly closed. They also provide a tall opening for incoming air or ventilation.
slider windowsSlider windows offer a seamless window frame and sash, which is not only air and water tight, but more visually appealing as well.
awning windowsAn Awning window is a casement window that is hung horizontally, hinged at the top so it swings outward like an awning.

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