Could you really like to enjoy Saint Patrick’s Day, but have no idea where to actually begin? Might you want to have friends over to your house, but despise the time-consuming prep work associated with having a party? Are you searching for some practical ideas that are entertaining but won’t cost the planet?

In the event that this sounds like you, then keep reading to discover just how you can host the St Patrick’s Day celebration to remember with hardly any time and effort.

Whether you are Irish or not, everybody knows that a St Patrick’s Day bash is going to be an exciting affair. It will consist of awesome meals washed down by yummy beers. At present, many commemorate Saint Patrick’s Day with celebrations held in pubs and homes. The food, refreshment and entertainment flow all day. Irish food is generally pragmatic home style cooking, so lose sight of the frills and appreciate what this party theme has to offer.

Getting ready for a Saint Patrick’s Day celebration in your own home is not as challenging as it sounds and by following a party checklist, it may be quickly and conveniently organized. Commit some time thinking about your decoration and food and beverages and the celebration will sure to be a winner.

Celebration Food Suggestions

Irish lamb stew and Irish soda bread would undoubtedly be the best foods to serve at your party. This could be served either formally or informally depending upon the nature of the event you want to hold.

When it comes to a formal function, hold a dinner party, prepare some snacks as friends arrive and serve the Irish lamb stew as the main course. The Irish soda bread is the perfect accompaniment and would ensure that your friends do not depart hungry. With just five primary ingredients including lamb, potatoes, carrots, leak and onion, it is cheap and simple to make. Prepared all in the one pan, it could certainly not be less complicated for you.

For a less formal affair, how about preparing an enormous pot and letting people have small bowls to help themselves. Along with some Irish soda bread dipped in the stew, it will undoubtedly be a crowd pleaser. Whether you are sitting down to a meal, or having a small bowl in just one hand and some crusty bread in the other, you cannot fail. In any case, friends are certainlying going to enjoy the food, certainly there will be lots to discuss best of all, the Irish motif will be consuming the entire night.

For something a tad different, why not consider some green beer. This will make friends laugh as they strive to make the perfect green beer with their preferred beverage. With typically darker Irish beers, the beer itself will not actually turn green, but the head certainly will. All you really need is some green food coloring; beer and you are pretty good to go. This is such a basic and reliable concept that your guests will enjoy.

Having some stew, soda bread and green beer, your guests will be incredibly happy and the best thing is your prep work has been quick and simple.

Party Decor Ideas

Saint Patrick’s Day is an unbelievably easy festivity to decorate for. The usual Irish symbols such as Irish T-shirts, absurd hats, silly scarves, green balloons, flags, Celtic necklaces, badges and emblems including shamrocks and harps can easily all be in open display. Every one of these types of Irish symbols will add a creative flare to any Saint Patrick’s Day celebration. Most budget friendly two dollar shops offer every one of these decorations and with a small budget, your residence can conveniently be converted into an Irish fare. Do not forget to spread some cheeky Leprechaun’s around to complete the appearance.

For a more formal dinner party occasion, you might not want to go with the gimmicks, but that still does not mean you can’t stick with the motif. Choose some classy green napkins, candles and basic white flowers to achieve a rustic yet charming Irish look. This will accompany your Irish lamb stew beautifully.

And so there you have it, utilize the party checklist for a Saint Patrick’s Day party that is surprisingly easy to create. It is attainable with a low budget, plus your friends will be ranting about it until the next year’s Saint Patrick’s Day party!

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