Could you imagine a home without windows? When you take time to think about the importance of windows in a home’s design; you’ll soon find that much of a home’s appeal and functionality is due to its choice of windows. The benefits of windows are too many to mention. The following are just a few areas where a home’s windows can add beauty and practicality.

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Benefits of the proper window design and window placement:

  • Creates both interior and exterior aesthetic appeal for your home
  • Adds focal points to the room
  • Complements your home’s overall design theme
  • Allows light to enter the home
  • Provides the homeowner the ability to view points of interest outside the home (i.e. landscaping, scenic views, or children’s play areas)

Windows are arguably one the most important design features of your home. When adding or replacing your windows, you’ll need to settle on a window design that complements the rest of your home. Many traditional homes favor cut ups in their window design. This breaks up the area of the window into sections and adds an architectural element to the window’s design. These cut up designs can be in a variety of patterns such as diamond shapes, squares, or rectangles. Many contemporary modeled homes find that clear panes, without cut ups, offer a more appealing look for their particular design scheme. Homes with breathtaking scenic views will often prefer over-sized clear pane windows in order to take in the views.

The materials that windows are made of also play a crucial rule in a home’s design. A homeowner may desire a stained wood frame for their windows, while others envision a painted frame for their windows. These wood frames can come in a variety of wood finishes and can be stained or painted to match the home’s existing woodwork. Exterior window frames can range from wood to vinyl and are an important part of a home’s exterior features.

Windows create points of interest in the home. For example, a kitchen may add clerestory windows above the cabinets to allow light into the room and maximize privacy. Skylights also achieve the same effect. Bay windows provide terrific spaces for sitting areas or dinning nooks. Transom windows can offer an elongating effect and can even be used for a number of interior applications. Wall windows offer maximum light and can frame the exterior views of the home much like a picture. Certain areas may also benefit from decorative windows with frosted or stained glass.

You may even add windows to your existing home in order to provide more light for a room or add interest to a space. This is a great idea if you have a dark space or uninteresting room in your home. A new set of windows can revive the space and maximize the areas potential uses. Adding windows in a kitchen area can greatly add to a new remodel and allow more light into the area.

When looking to add or replace windows in your home, always consider how they will change the interior and exterior look of the house. Factor in your design goals and pick the windows that best match what you’re trying to accomplish.

Our suggestion is to keep it simple and let us help you make the right decisions. You’ll be happy you did.